Lviv, which is located in Ukraine, is one of the regions that attracts many people with its different demographic structure and population structure. The region is home to many architecturally valuable architectural buildings and its sophisticated atmoste is causing many people to want to spend a holiday here. Lviv is located in the west of Ukraine. Its proximity to Poland as a border allows travelers to visit both areas. It is also possible to say that Lviv carries similarities with Poland in the cultural sense.

Because the female population is more than twice the male population, Lviv has quite strange streets. In Lviv, a small, intellectual and rich city, you can enjoy a warm wine with the cold of winter!

Transportation System in Lviv

Lviv is a city where you can go directly from many countries by plane. Most of the time it doesn’t require you to lose time with transfer flights. But since the transfer flights are cheaper than others, it is possible to reach Lviv from Kiev transfer flight.

If you start your holiday in another city of Ukraine and want to add Lviv to your route, you can take a train or bus journey for intercity transportation. Ukraine is an extremely cheap city, so you don’t have to worry about the transportation costs.

Climate Information About Lviv

Ukraine is a cold country, especially in winter. Lviv is quite famous for its winter holiday options, and its winter transportation and life is quite comfortable. But this still does not prevent the region from being too cold. If you go to the region for the winter holiday, we advise you to be prepared for the cold.

During winter holidays Lviv may not be suitable for long walks. Therefore, if you want to rent a car in cold weather, we can say that renting a car in the area is also affordable.

Where To Visit in Lviv?

The Lviv city of Ukraine resembles the city of an era with its incredible architectural atmosphere and an ancient view of the street structures. The region seems to be inspired by the architectural features of the old European cities. Things to see in Lviv are very close to each other. If you stay in a hotel in the city center, you can reach almost any area in the city or by foot. However, you can get a taxi in cold weather.

Rynok Square : This square, which is considered to be a very special region in terms of culture and history, is also described as the heart of Lviv. It offers extremely spacious pavements and streets, a quiet and peaceful walking environment. There are many cafes in the square in different concepts. You can have fun in these cafes and restaurants. There are also small shops in the square for you to buy small gifts for your loved ones.

Shevchenka Avenue: This street, which is very close to the city center, is one of the most famous streets in the region. If you enjoy luxury shopping on this street you may find a few stores you might like. There are also extremely modern breakfast rooms in this area, which are very popular by people.

Potocki Palace: This palace, located just ahead of the street we have just mentioned, is an architectural and historical masterpiece. The palace is a monument built entirely with the architectural understanding of the Baroque period. While examining this piece, art lovers can enjoy a lot. The palace has a total of 2 floors and can be visited.

Other places to visit in Lviv:

  • St.Georgeis Cathedral
  • St. Church of Olha and Elizabeth
  • Lviv Railway Station
  • Lychakiv Cemetery
  • Museum of Folk Architecture
  • High castle
  • Opera building
  • Town hall
  • Mazo (Masoch) Cafe
  • Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture
  • Dominican Cathedral and Monastery
  • Armenian Cathedral
  • St. Bernardine Church

You can reach all of the above areas within 15 or 20 minutes from the city center. You can use buses or taxi for transportation.

How Long To Stay in Lviv?

If you want to visit all the valuable historical buildings and structures in Lviv, you need at least 3 days. After Lviv, you can continue to have a pleasant winter holiday by passing through other parts of Ukraine.