Petra, located within the borders of Jordan, is a paradise for those who want to make a historical and cultural trip. This city, which has been home to the most important civilizations that have signed the history for centuries, welcomes thousands of scientists and history enthusiasts every year with its archeological structure.

Petra, which has been accepted as a UNESCO cultural heritage since 1985, is a UNESCO-protected city. In addition, the center of the Jordan, can be visited as a tourist, the region’s sea and beach makes the city a good summer holiday location.

Transportation in Petra

In Petra, which offers you an extremely exotic summer holiday, transportation is also quite exotic. When you arrive at the airport, you can reach Petra by bus or taxi. However, in order to go to Petra, you need to buy a paid ticket from the place called Wadi Musa. After arriving in Petra, you provide transport with camels. Within the city and within the archaeological sites you can walk with camels. Moreover, you can rent camels for a very reasonable fee.

Climate Information About Petra

The city has a desert climate and the summers are extremely dry and hot. On very hot days, sand storms can be experienced in the desert. Therefore, although it is extremely hot, we recommend you to choose long sleeve clothes that completely cover your body while walking in the area. Don’t forget to buy a hat and glasses to protect from sandstorms.

The average air temperature in the summer in Petra is approximately 30 degrees. However, due to the region being extremely dry, it is like much more higher.

Where To Visit in Petra?

Petra means ‘rock’. Almost every point to be visited in the region is made up of ancient and rock structures. Places to visit in Petra are generally close to each other. But due to desert climate and structure, we have to say that transportation is a bit difficult. We recommend that you have a guide with you when traveling in the area.

Ad – Deir Monastery: We have to say that it is difficult to reach this monastery. To go to the monastery, which is an ancient structure, 800 stairways cut from the real rock must be overcome. For this, an hour must be passed in the conditions of the region. When you go to the building you find yourself at an excellent height where you can watch the view of Petra. We recommend you to visit the region.

As Siq: The ancient monument built by the people of Nebati is located under a belt structure. There are statuettes made by the same people in the region. The area has been laid for use as the entrance of Petra and has a very magnificent 1300 meter structure.

Here the other places to visit in Petra:

  • Little Petra
  • Petra Ancient City
  • Colonnaded street
  • Al Khazneh (Treasury District)

Where To Stay in Petra?

Petra has accommodation areas that are suitable for every budget. We will share with you two different hotels with you as affordable and luxury.

  1. Venus Hotel : Located in a location close to the ancient city, this hotel is one of the most affordable hotels in the region. It prevents you from having problems with transportation.
  2. Petra Bubble Luxury Hotel: Enjoy a stay in the middle of the desert in this hotel, which offers accommodation with the new accommodation trend balloon. You can choose to stay here to have an experience of accomodation that close to the nature of the camp, and as comfortable as staying in home.