Kotor and Budva are the most visited tourist cities in the region of Montenegro. These two touristic cities, which are very close together, have both historical and natural beauties. Since the regions are located on the seaside, we thought that the best time to have a holiday in these regions is the summer months. After enjoying the beaches in the area, you can dine in restaurants where you can enjoy scenic views.

Transportation To and In Kotor and Budva

If you want to visit the beautiful beaches and nature areas in the region without experiencing any transportation difficulties, we can say that renting a car in these two cities is extremely cheap. The rental car will cost you about $20 per day. We recommend that you rent a car because the highway transportation is very convenient. It is also very comfortable to drive a car from the city to the city.

It’s hard to find a direct plane to get to Kotor. Many planes go directly to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. It is possible to go to Kotor by plane or bus from the area.

How Long To Stay In Kotor?

Depending on how you come to the region for exactly what kind of holiday you are looking for, you can change how long you need to stay here. If you want to have a long rest and have a pleasant time, stay for a week in Kotor and enjoy the beach and shop at affordable prices. But if you want to do a tour of Montenegro and you’re going to travel around the city from the city, it’s enough to see the area for two days. You can complete your trip for two days in Kotor and 2 days in Budva.

Where To Visit in Kotor?

Kotor is home to an ancient city with extremely historic ruins. The name of this region is the Stari Grad region. Old and 3 – 4-storey buildings are located at the same time, this region is also an attractive accommodation with ancient looking hotels. If you want to spend your holiday in a different star at the seaside, but not in a different star hotel, you should choose this place.

It’s Time To Go Budva!

If you go by car, between Kotor and Budva, it will take about half an hour. But if you don’t rent a car, transportation will be easy as there are regular services between two cities. Your journey by bus can take an hour.

Budva is an extremely ancient region and with its shoreline to the Adriatic Sea, it is a beauty that will blow the minds of many. The first building you should see in the region is the statue of a dancing girl. Don’t forget to take a picture in front of the statue of the dancing girl who is extremely historic and has become the symbol of Budva. Also, the beaches of Budva will be a very pleasant holiday place for you. Here are the most famous beaches in Budva:

  • Mogren beach
  • Jaz beach
  • Petrovac Beach
  • Ulcinj Beach

Climate of Kotor and Budva in Summer Months

In the two cities where the Mediterranean climate is dominant, it is possible to say that the summers are hot and dry. If you are planning a summer vacation in the area, you need to consider this. These two cities, which have high humidity due to the Adriatic Sea, are becoming a complete ‘’holiday city’’ in the summer. Especially in July, we can say that the regions have reached their maximum temperature.