The historic city of Dubrovnik, which is connected to Croatia, is Ragusa. This region, which has a very strategic position, is the tourist attraction of Croatia. Located on the Adriatic Sea coast, the city has valuable architectural monuments. Dubrovnik, a city that has hosted many civilizations throughout history, is also one of the cities protected by UNESCO. Ragusa, which is located within the borders of the Ottoman Empire for many years in history, has many historical artifacts in the name of Dubrovnik.

Accomodation and Climate in Dubrovnik

If you want to feel the smell of history within you and want to enjoy the sea by going through a pleasant summer holiday, summer is an extremely good choice for visiting Dubronik. You can visit the majestic areas surrounded by walls, have fun in the afternoon on the tourist beaches and enjoy delicious meals in the restaurants with exotic ambience.

In the Dubrovnik region it is possible to say that the Mediterranean climate is dominant. So you can be under the influence of hot and humid air. Do not forget to prepare yourself for a summer holiday. In the region where winters are not very cold, summers are extremely hot. The region is just like a festival city in the summer. Due to the high humidity in the region, we can say that a hot temperature in the summer dominates the city. For those who dream of a complete summer holiday with the beach and the sea, in summer months Dubrovnik can be a good choice.

We recommend you stay in hotels near the city center when you go to Dubrovnik. Here are a few hotel recommendations in the center of the city:

  • Villa IVA
  • Apartment Lena
  • Apartment Roko
  • Attic Apartment

The Dubrovnik hotels listed above have different price scales from 40 Euros to 250 Euros. The most affordable hotels in the region, the most expensive areas can be found in the center. Therefore, it is better to compare the price and performance of several hotels.

Places To Visit in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a city famous for its attractive beaches and restaurants. But we would like to propose to you under the title of the historical places of Dubrovnik. Because there are historical monuments and cities in the region that cannot be seen in the world. Dubrovnik is home to almost an ancient city. Here the places to visit in Dubrovnik:

Old Town:  The buildings in the region reflect the aesthetics of the different periods in terms of architectural methods. The structures that reflect the inspiration of the architect understanding of the Baroque period and reflecting the most attractive forms of the rational art understanding of the Renaissance period are excellent works for tourists interested in the history of art. There are also many shops in the area where you can make small purchases. The area is close to the city center.

Stradun Street: It is the street that can host your most memorable times in Dubrovnik. Located in the heart of the Old Town and with architectural elements reflecting the concept of Italian art, the street is approximately 300 meters long. The street, especially in the summer months, is home to extremely pleasant historical and touristic festivals.

Sponza Palace:  In the summer there are many art and cultural festivals. It is very likely that you will meet the leading intellectuals of the region here. The region carries the glorious details of Gothic architecture. The palace with folds and high ceilings is a reflection of the 17th century.

Transportation in Dubrovnik

Since Dubrovnik is a small city, transportation in the region is not a problem. There is a transportation network that can provide access to almost every point of the city. It can also be said that buses are really cheap in Dubrovnik. Therefore, we do not recommend using the taxi in the area.