Hallstatt is a village built on the shores of Lake Hallstätter, 80 km southeast of the city of Salzburg and surrounded by mountains. It is a fairy-tale village in Salzkammergut. Hallstatt was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the 100 regions to be seen in the world.

The city of Hallstatt, which is home to the world’s oldest salt mines, has a strong interest in far-eastern tourists. In addition, a copy of Hallstatt was made in China.


From Vienna to Hallstatt distance by car 300 km, you can reach Hallstatt in 3 hours. However, you will need to leave your car in the car park, 1 km from the center of Hallstatt. There is another transportation option for you. You can reach Hallstatt by train from Vienna or Salzburg. It is possible to reach Vienna by train for 8 hours. If you want to get your train tickets early, prices start at € 30.

From Salzburg to Hallstatt, take the bus number 150 in front of the Salzburg Haubtbahnof train station and take the 1.5-hour bus stop at Bad Ischl train station, which is the last stop of the journey. The 20-minute train ride takes you to the Hallstatt train station. However, Hallstatt train station is across the lake. You can go to Hallstatt city center with a 10-minute ferry ride. The average cost of going from Salzburg to Hallstatt is 35 €. You can walk all the Hallstatt in one hour or you can rent a bicycle if you want.

You can easily visit Hallstatt in one day, go to tourist places, spend time in cafes and bars and take a boat trip on the lake. If you wish to return from Hallstatt to Vienna or Salzburg by train, you must be at the train station at 18:30 for the last departing train.


The most suitable and ideal season to visit Hallstatt, which has a different atmosphere in every season; It is summer season.

In this village where you can hardly find an open destination in winter, you can live in summer with all the nature. The average temperature is 20 degrees. This temperature won’t overwhelm you. You can see all shades of green in Hallstatt. This will be a colorful ride for you.


The most beautiful places to see and visit in Hallstatt are Salt Mines. If you want to learn about these mines together with a competent guide, you can have enlightening information by 26 €. If you have a small child or relatives with them they can spend a nice trip with children at a price of 13 € or almost half the price available on children discount. If you want to leave the salt mines easily, you will pay only 4 € more.

You can easily and quickly get to where you want with the rail vehicles called funicular. The only drawback is the salt mines that you want to visit, and the funicular is closed between December and April. So if you want to see salt mines, you should not forget these dates. It is a nice option to go to the observation rooms called Skywalk with the ropeway system.

It is good for you to go to the observation point and see the natural village view and breathe the oxygen. After looking at the observation tower, you can visit the village and see different places in authentic and natural areas. In Hallstatt, you can experience the famous Das Bier beer that you can drink from cafes located just about anywhere.

The most interesting images you can see You can find it in the Beinhous, which consists of 1200 human bones and skulls located in the immediate vicinity of the Micheal Church. Even though it will make you feel creepy, little excitement will add color to your journey. These bones and skulls belong to people who lived a long time in the village of Hallstatt. In order to visit these bones and skulls, you only need to pay 1.5 euros.

Although it is a village, you can go to the Hallstatt Museum for the place of this place, which is part of a unique history. In Hallstatt, you can take a peaceful stroll through the unique view of the lake. For this, you can rent 2 or 3 people bots. Between May and October, you can join the boat tours and enjoy the lake with your friends. Boat rental varies between 13-18 EUR, while the boat tour is 8.5 Euro per person. If you plan to rent a boat for 2 and 3 people, prices vary from 13 to 18 euros. The boat tour is a more favorable choice of 8.5 Euro. You can also consider drinking Schnapps, one of the famous tastes of this place. This liquor, which is a beverage that will cool you in hot weather, consists of fruits and plants. If you get hungry for the evening, you can eat orange duck. But another option, schnitzel may be your preferences.

At Bräugasthof Guest House you can find these two flavors together and enjoy your meal in a healthy, stylish place at an affordable price. Fish and seafood, which are fresh with the lake in Hallstatt, may also be your choice for dinner. We recommend that we go w thought eating fish in Hallstatt announcing its name with seafood. If you are in Hallstatt in summer, you can also do a canoe tour next to the boat trip. Salzkammergut Lake is the most ideal lake you can have to go canoeing. You can go for a walk in the canyon while canoeing. This village has a lot of possibilities and there is also the possibility of rafting in the Traun River. You can have a nice time with a very nice activity to increase your adrenaline level. From here you can watch the magnificent mountain views at the observation point called C. In winter, the activities you will see again do not end. From the Hallstatt village, you can ski in the ski resorts in Obertraun. You can watch the imposing view of the mountains from the observation towers. You can use the observation towers called ‘five-fingers’ for this purpose.


There are boutique hotels with beautiful views of the Hallstatt village square. We recommend that you book in advance as this village is not large. If you don’t, you may have to stay at hotels that are 2-3 km away from the village. Before leaving the village, you can buy salt shakers varying according to their size for 5-25 €.