Mexico, a North American country with the oldest history, is one of the most populous countries in Latin America. It is also the country with the highest number of native Spanish-speaking people in the world. Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico and one of the highest capitals of the world with an altitude of 2250m. Mexico City is a city full of museums. While the Anthropology Museum in the city is one of the most famous museums in the world, it is also a pleasant city to see with its historical area included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Weather in Mexico City

Tourists are visiting Mexico City in almost all seasons. December and January are the coldest months and rainfall increases with the temperatures in the June-September period. We can say that the ideal time for a touristic trip is April and May.

Where to Visit in Mexico City

Historic Centre/ Zocalo

Zocalo Square is one of the places on the UNESCO World Heritage List as the historical square. There are many historical artifacts from the Spanish colonial period in the square. The Metropolitan Cathedral from the Aztecs, a civilization with a history of 8000 years, is also located in this square. At the same time, the National Palace, the Presidential Palace, is magnificently located in this square.

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

Metropolitan Cathedral, famous for its Baroque architecture is a religious place that appears in the historical square Zocalo Square. The cathedral is built between 1573-1813. The Cathedral is one of the religious places in the city.

National Palace

Located in Zocalo Square, which is the most touristic place, the palace is one of the buildings in the square with its long and remarkable architecture.

The interior of the palace, which has a wide facade, is also very eye-catching with its interior architecture and decoration. Don’t miss the unique murals of Diego Riviera on its walls.

National Anthropology Museum

It is the largest anthropology museum in the world. National Anthropology Museum contains many important structures such as the wall paintings of the Diego Riviera, the Aztec calendar, and historical artifacts from the Mayan Civilization. It is also home to a giant model of the city of Tenochtitlán.

Templo Mayor Museum

The area, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, contains the remains of the Aztec pyramids. The Teotihuacan region, which is 50 km away from Mexico City, has been arranged in such a way that the positions of the city structures consisting of the Pyramid of the Sun, the Moon Pyramid, the Quetzalcoatl Temple and other temples are the reflection of the Orion Constellation on the ground. Formun Üstü

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is rich with the influence of many cultures. Still, the main food source of Mexicans is definitely corn. A pot of hot tortilla is a indispensable piece of dining tables. Tacos are available everywhere. Steak, pork and fish are the most common meat types in Mexico City. You can find the snacks they call Antojitos almost every corner. For vegetarians, the juicy pear cactus called nopales is a good alternative, and a wide variety of mushrooms also play an important role in the country’s cuisine. Be sure to try the exotic fruits they call zapote and tuna.

In the country where tequila is one of the most consumed drinks, mezcal, which resembles tequila, is also used in many cocktails. The world famous liquor of Mexico, kahlua, is consumed with coffee and rum. The most famous black beer of the country, which has local beers such as Sol, Corona, Modelo, is Negra Modelo.

Nightlife in Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the cities where the nightlife is colorful and lively. There are many venues that stay alive until late in the city where night club tours are organized. Rock and electronic styles are common in nightclubs where Spanish and English songs form the musical culture. It is abundant in places with Caribbean music and live music. Garibaldi Square is an indispensable point in terms of music, as well as one of the most crowded points in nightlife. The area called Condesa is one of the areas where night life is intense.