The city of Jerusalem, considered sacred to the three major religions of the world, is a region of special architectural monuments. The region is visited by thousands of people every year for religious or touristic reasons. Jerusalem is a highly cosmopolitan city, a neighborhood of different religions. This is why it is a city that has been invaded by photographers, historians, and theologians.

Jerusalem is a very pleasant city to visit in spring. If you want to enjoy the warm and oriental atmosphere of the city with a warm sun as you stroll among the historical monuments, a holiday in Jerusalem is for you.

Climate of Jerusalem in Spring Months

Jerusalem has an extremely hot and humid weather in the summer, and rain in the winter. Therefore, if you want to travel anywhere in Jerusalem easily, we do not recommend you to choose the winter months. Spring months, where the possibility of rain is low and the temperature in the day does not reach very high points, is ideal for a holiday in the region.

Transportation in Jerusalem

It is possible to fly directly or indirectly to Tel Aviv from many parts of the world. Tel Aviv, which has a highly developed and modern airport, has a bus to reach Jerusalem. The bus code is 485. The transportation in Jerusalem is not very expensive. Therefore, you can use the bus with the peace of mind. About 20 Dollars will be enough for you for a day or two.

In Jerusalem, there are also regular subway services. You can also prefer subway transportation which is extremely cheap when you travel from Jerusalem to any region. The city, which has developed in terms of transportation, will prevent you from having a problem in this regard.

Where To Visit In Jerusalem?

So, what should be visited in Jerusalem? Which regions are extremely important for Jerusalem? The places that should be visited in the region are mostly religiously important places. These areas are not limited to places of worship. There are neighborhoods where people from different religions live for centuries. The architectural features, street life, economic features of these spaces must be seen. In this context, we can say that you should make a cultural trip in Jerusalem.

Getting to many points from the center of Jerusalem is quite easy due to the variety of transportation vehicles. We have set some points close to the center for you. Let’s examine them.

Jerusalem Old City: With its impressive architecture, it is possible to reach this region which has fascinated many people with the subway  in a short time. The region is currently home to some of the architectural works of the Ottoman Empire. In terms of architectural value, we see that there are many works that refer to the 1800s. There is a covered bazaar where you can shop in the area and there are many exotic restaurants to eat. Many tourists can spend a whole day here.

In the evening, a very aesthetic lighting is done in the area. Therefore, it may be even more enjoyable to visit here in the evening. There are also hotels in the region where you can stay at affordable prices.

Dome of the Rock: This structure, which is considered as the symbol of the city, is the subject of many Jerusalem photographs. This structure, which is considered as one of the symbols of Islam in Jerusalem, has a very impressive architecture. The structure was damaged by wars and earthquakes in the past. However, the recent restoration works have been finalized.

Here is a short list of other places to go in Jerusalem:

  • Al-Aqsa Mosque
  • Wailing Wall
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Christian Quarter
  • Muslim Quarter
  • East Jerusalem and West Bank
  • West Jerusalem
  • Armenian Quarter
  • Hurva Synagogue

Where To Stay in Jerusalem?

There are many hotels in both the central and more rural areas of Jerusalem. However, in terms of price, more convenient hotels are located in the Old City district. In addition, the ambience of the Old City hotels is completely historical and exotic. Therefore, it provides a different experience. Here are some of the hotels you can stay in:

  • Chain Gastle Hostel
  • Stay Inn Hostel
  • Abraham Jerusalem Hotel
  • Ceaser Premier Jerusalem

We advise you to make a reservation before you go to hotels.