Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is the world-renowned city of liberties, an international city with a rich history, a diverse population of more than 150 different backgrounds, and a wide variety of arts and cultures. The most important elements that make Amsterdam vibrant and versatile are the people who live, work, study and those who visit the city. In addition, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. One of the major reasons why it attracts tourists is not only its natural beauty, but also it is the city of freedom, that is, drugs and prostitution are legal and free, the people are extremely tolerant and open-minded.             

Where to visit in Amsterdam


Amsterdam’s largest and most famous city park with many ponds

Amsterdan Canals

Amsterdam is a place famous for its canals… As there are 165 canals in the city, you find yourself constantly wandering along a canal. It is a perfect view indeed. Although we know Venice with its canals, the number of canals here is more.

Dam Square

It is the most famous square in Amsterdam. In this square, which has many historical buildings, there are also many stores where you can shop.

Red Light District

The Red Light District, named after its striking red lights, is the most extraordinary place to visit. There are entertainment opportunities for adults.

Museum Quarter (Museumplain)

As you understand from the name, this is a region where museums are located. If you want to visit all the museums in the region, we would like to state that you need to spare a day.

When to go to Amsterdam

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions. It is a known fact that Northern Europe is wet, gray and a little cold eight months of the year. Although Amsterdam is beautiful in all seasons, it can be a bit too cold for you in the winter months and rain can tire you, so our advice is to choose the spring and summer seasons.

Amsterdam Cuisine

Traditionally, Dutch cuisine consists of dishes with simple vegetables and a small amount of meat. These dishes are quite plain and simple. Foods such as cheese and bread are generally consumed for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, any meat is preferred along with potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Skek, which is one of the best addresses if you want to experience the flavors of Dutch cuisine, is a restaurant that combines traditional Dutch dishes with all the most up-to-date eating trends, located near the Red Light District.

The most famous street food in Amsterdam is fries, if you like, you can fill your meal with potatoes. Another street delicacy is Stroopwafel. A delicious dessert served warm, with caramel syrup spread between two waffles.

Nightlife in Amsterdam

When the sun goes down, Amsterdam takes on a completely different atmosphere. In Amsterdam, which is one of the cities where nightlife is lively and wild, there are places where you can get enough of entertainment every day of the week. Particularly in the summer months, Amsterdam, where entertainment takes to the streets, is full of fun with parties and crazy shows that continue until the morning accompanied by various types of music such as Techno, House Music and Jazz.

The entrances of night clubs, which are waiting to host their visitors every season of the year, generally work with a paid and reservation system. Red Light District, Leidseplein, Rembrantplein, Daniel Stalperstraat and De Pijp are ideal stops for night entertainment. Paradiso, Melkweg, Sugar Factory, Panama Club, Canvas, Jimmy Woo, Pacific Parc, are the most popular nightclubs in the city.