Located in the southernmost part of the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh can be a great holiday all year round. If you haven’t done a nice summer holiday, you can say that Sharm el Sheikh is the most convenient place to vacation in the fall. Sharm El Sheik offers a holiday at a temperature of 20 degrees even in winter. You can sunbathe on the white sands in Sharm El Sheikh and dive in colorful corals.

Here, short dive training can be given for most novices. In Sharm El Sheikh, there are thousands of species of corals and sea creatures. In Sharm El Sheikh you have to swim in most places from the piers. Because they don’t want you to press corals and harm them. Even if you leave the country, you can get into trouble if you take a coral or other marine life with you. Of course, hotels in Sharm el Sheikh do not deprive you of these beauties.

The hotels offer ‘glass submarine’ submarine tours that are very comfortable with “glass covered” glass boats or families with small children. Sharm El Sheikh consists of 4 main residential areas; Naama Bay, Sharm Old Town, Ras Um Sid and Nabq Bay. The biggest and the most colorful of these are of course Naama Bay. The currency here is Egyptian pounds.


There are direct flights from many countries from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. Non-direct flights from Cairo International Airport can be reached by non-direct flights. You can get the transfer fee with Egypt Air for $ 100. The distance between Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh is approximately 500 kilometers. If you want to go by bus, you can also buy a one-way ticket by paying 20 USD. However, with the flight time of 1-hour flight time, the bus is waiting for you to make a journey of at least 6 hours. We need to remind; There is a lot of police control in bus transportation. Sharm El Sheikh is the best choice for city transportation.

The fee paid to the taxi should normally be 6-7 USD when traveling from the airport to the hotel, in other cases, the taxi driver will charge you 10 USD. The distance between the airport and the city center is 25 minutes and the distance between the airport and Naama Bay is 15 minutes. Although you can reach your destination by paying 1-2 USD with minibus, you may be forced to have a foreign language problem and internet problem in the city. Many hotels have a shuttle service from the airport. Don’t forget to get information from your hotel before going to Egypt. If you have a shuttle service, an extra $ 10 will be requested from the hotel.


Sharm El Sheikh is an ideal holiday destination for those who want to see the colorful underwater life of the Red Sea, although there are few historical places. Nightlife in Sharm El Sheikh is as colorful as the underwater red sea. On holiday, you must spend at least one day at Naama Bay, the center of Sharm El Sheikh. In Naama Bay, you can sunbathe on golden sandy beaches at daytime. In the evening you can dine at Harda Rock Cafe and you can have a hookah at Little Budha right next to it. You can also dance in the Pacha Club until dawn.  Other popular places in Naama Bay are the Camel Bar where the sporting activities are performed, the Pirates Bar with live music performance, the night club near the Morriot Hotel, and the Ice Bar surrounded by ice in the middle of the desert. In Sharm El Sheikh, cafes, restaurant bars and shops where souvenirs can be bought are the Old Market (Souk) and Soho Square. If you want a quieter beach than Naama Bay, you can go to Nabq Beach or Shark Beach. The most beautiful places to dive into the sea are Ras Um Sid and Sharm El Maya. At the same time, there is usually water dive or tours from any tourism agency that you stay at. The most important of these tours is, of course, the National Park of Ras Muhammad. Ras Mohammed National Park, which is situated on an area of 480 km2, 25 km southwest of Sharm El Sheikh, is a point of the great desert landscape and a large number of coral reefs. If you want to stroll in the national park, you can join the boat tours by paying a fee of 60 USD.

Remember, there are no residential areas on Tiran Island. Because there are mined areas in this region, landings are dangerous and prohibited. The ship named SS Thistlegorm, which was produced in the 2nd World War and which is now used as a diving facility is in a national park.

One of the most popular tourist destinations is Color Canyon. The 800-meter canyon is 2 hours away from the city center. There are safari tours in the desert. The average price of safari tours in the desert is 60 USD. On safari tours you have the opportunity to eat and chat with Bedouins.

Each tour will take one day from your holiday. The other tours are Hz. Moses. It was built in the 6th century by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian’s on Mount Sinai, where Moses took 10 commanders, and at the foot of this mountain. Catherine Monastery is a tour of the Blue Hole in Dahab and the Color Canyon after the tour or diving. The most suitable tour package is approximately 25 USD.


Sharm El Sheikh is the best option if you are planning a hot holiday in autumn. In September and October, the temperature is usually 30 degrees. You can have a comfortable night because the humidity will be 40% at night and 80% at night.


Located on the shores of the Red Sea, this city has tourism facilities spread over 5 regions. Naama Bay, considered to be the center of the city, is the most preferred tourist destination. Nabq Bay, which has recently developed areas and new facilities, is also attracting great attention. The region of El Hadaba (Ras Um Sidd) is the most preferred area for diving enthusiasts. Eyen Sharks Bay even opposite the island of Tirana is suitable for those who want to have a nice holiday. A 5-star hotel in Sharm El Sheikh is available at a rate of USD 60 per night per night.