Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is perhaps one of the most romantic cities in the region. Belgrade means ”white city”. The most important reason for this adjective is that the region is covered with a white snow cover in winter. The area has an extremely vibrant and fun nightlife. At the same time, there are various festivals and different venues that make it enjoyable to spend time during the day. Colorful, entertaining and on the other hand, it is known that Belgrade is an affordable holiday city for everyone who wants to have a romantic holiday. It is no wonder that Belgrade, which is associated with Paris with its demographic structure and holiday opportunities for tourists, appeals to more people because of it requires lower money to have a holiday.

Transportation System In Belgrade

To spend an autumn day in Belgrade, you need to learn about how transportation is. Transportation in Belgrade is extremely easy. Because it is already one of the medium-sized cities in Serbia. Although it is a touristic region, although there is an advanced transportation network, you will not need buses in the region very much. Every historical or touristic places that we recommended you to visit are in walking distance to each other.

There are a total of 3 public transportation systems in the city. These systems can be listed as follows:

  • Bus
  • Small bus
  • Tram

As you can imagine, it is the best choice to travel to Belgrade by air. In this way, transportation is short. After getting off the airport, you are advised to use taxis in general for city center transportation. This is because the taxi fares in Belgrade are not very high. The distance between the airport and the city center of Belgrade takes approximately half an hour.

Place To Visit In Belgrade

If you go to Belgrade in the autumn, you’ll see that the weather isn’t too cold. In September and October, the approximate temperature is around 15 degrees. That means you can walk around the streets. Even if you go by foot, you can go to the nearby areas of the city center.

If you prefer to stay in the central area of Belgrade on your touristic trip, we think you will be able to do all your activities more easily. Here are some recommended places to go in the city center:

Kalemegdan Castle and Park: The region is extremely close to the city center. A taxi is available to the area. It is a very valuable fortress. You can check the remains of the Ottoman Empire in Belgrade in this region. Belgrade, which belongs to the Ottoman Empire during a period, has an extremely magnificent castle. You can also enjoy views of Belgrade from this castle.

Nikola Tesla Museum: Nikola Tesla’s personal belongings are exhibited in this museum. Tesla, born in Serbia, exhibits all of the manuscripts, personal belongings and living space accessed. 500 RSD is required to enter the museum.

Here the other places to visit:

  • Saint Sava Cathedral
  • Knez Mihailova Street
  • National Museum of Serbia
  • Avala Tower
  • Belgrade Zoo
  • Historical Museum of Yugoslavia
  • Great War Island

Night Life In Belgrade

Belgrade hosts many tourists, both from abroad and from within the country, through nightlife entertainment. Tourists visiting the region are mainly from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The region has both a very luxurious class and relatively more naive nightclubs. Tourists can choose the nightclubs according to their financial status. The most famous nightclubs in the region are as follows:

  • Freestyler
  • Splav
  • Mr. Stefan Braun
  • Hype Belgrade
  • Square Belgrade

Climate Information About Belgrade

If you are going to vacation in Belgrade in the autumn, there is no need to worry about the rain. Autumn months in the region are generally warm. Belgrade has a warm atmosphere, where the recorded value for the minimum temperature is between 15 and 13 degrees for the fall months.

Shopping in Skardarlija and Knez Mihailova Streets

Described as the heart of Belgrade, these two avenues are rich in store and have a wide network of shopping. These streets are becoming extremely crowded streets, especially at noon and late afternoon. The fact that both eating places and shopping places are on the same street adds energy to the streets especially in the evening.

It is possible to make any type shopping on these streets. Both personal products, hand-made design products, as well as the famous brands of products on these streets can be purchased from the stores. It is also possible to have a pleasant time while shopping in these streets. The wide streets are one of the most frequented places of many street artists.

Since the buildings in the region are also historical buildings, your shopping pleasure will be accompanied by a visual delight. The buildings, reflect the aesthetic architectural understanding of the 19th century make the street beautiful.